First-Person: The Novartis Client Story by Trudi Haemmerli

Innovation Partners' client NovartisFirst-Person: Our Novartis Client Story: On behalf of NIBR Senior Leadership I wish to extend you our sincere thanks for the successful conclusion of the AI Summit this week for our LOTF Chipperfield Users. You worked a few miracles into the program, remained flexible, highly customer-focussed, and that’s what helped make this such a successful, productive and memorable occasion for so many people of all levels of our organisation who have never experienced anything like this before. The days were full of unexpected miracles and surprises which would not have been possible without this approach. It is, I believe, the beginning of a revolutionary way of thinking and acting in NIBR, and will be remembered as living proof that LOTF is really NOT only about the furniture.

I witnessed a transformation from serious skepticism to excitement, enthusiasm, and engagement through the Summit AI process for the majority of scientists and support functions. The evidence of the extent of the success of this approach was found in the cross-functional joint team leadership of the 12 activity groups formed at the end of the process. I heard many say that they had never had such an opportunity to create and influence their own environment while at the same time forming new partnerships across disciplines. The staff were bubbling with innovative ideas in all areas, and following the summit, they maintained the momentum over 6 months to ensure ‘their’ new labs would allow them to flourish in their work together. This wasn’t the typical change process where much dies out shortly after the initial enthusiasm.

The AI approach taken was quite contagious, and many are beginning to apply it to new changes in different areas, to workshops, off-site meetings, key issues that need addressing etc. It is an approach which certainly exceeded my expectations for the Summit, and if facilitated by the right people who really ‘get it’ you can truly help people make a difference in unexpected ways and fully develop everyone’s potential.

—Trudi Haemmerli, VP, Head Global Research Operations, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc.