Innovation Partners International

As management consultants, the IPI Network has helped individuals, groups, organizations, networks and communities ignite and implement positive change and transformation. We are world-renowned pioneers of Appreciative Inquiry (AI)  and other strength-based, high-engagement approaches to collaborative planning, design, innovation, and strategy. We have a rich history of facilitating the engagement of stakeholders at all levels of an organization or community to dream big together and create the shared future they most desire.

What Makes Us Unique

We are not your typical management consultants. First of all, we see people and organizations as sources of infinite strength and potential, rather than as problems to be managed. This changes everything!

We are not interested in spending months studying your problems or designing your future for you. Instead, we help you to change from the inside out, creating the conditions for collaboration and innovation as the means for success.

If you are interested in improving your social, economic, and environmental impact, we help you find ways to increase your triple bottom line people, prosperity and planet.

We do this using a unique appreciative approach, which intentionally integrates assessment, intervention, and solutions into a whole system process. This saves you time and money, as well as provides a pathway for employees to become more fully engaged and accountable for the goals and action plans they help create.

Our Operating Principles

  • Create an environment for innovation and collaboration
  • Intentionally seek opportunity
  • Strengthen relationships and connection
  • Invite everyone to engage
  • Experiment and learn


Connect with us today and learn how our approach is revolutionizing the way organizations build prosperity socially, financially and environmentally.