Operating Principles

Operating Principles

Create an environment for innovation and collaboration

  • Create a safe and generative space that enables ideation, experimentation and eventually the creation of something the world has never seen before.
  • Support self-organizing around shared outcomes in order to spark individual creativity and strategic collaboration.
  • Live by values that generate mutual respect and community because the journey into the future, the unknown, requires high levels of social bonding and good will.
  • Integrate deliberate practices, processes and systems that generate safety and trust, which are the foundation for collaboration and innovation.

Intentionally Seek Opportunity

  • Look into what already works well and look for what is emerging.
  • Don’t stop at trying to fix what you don’t want. Reframe questions and goals in terms of what you truly want.
  • Gather a wide range of perspectives to generate viable possibilities.
  • Invite disruptive inquiry to challenge assumptions and ordinary ways of thinking to make way for unseen possibilities

Strengthen Relationships and Connection

  • Be deliberate about building positive, trust-filled relationships.
  • Communicate in ways that enhance engagement and build the capacity for co-creation.
  • Use social technology that makes it easy to collaborate and connect

Invite Everyone to Engage

  • Engage people in meaningful ways in work that affects them.
  • Use high engagement strategies to gather people and tap collective wisdom
  • Support people to take responsibility for their passion and self-organize with others to take action on behalf of the whole.

Experiment and Learn

  • Use simple, rapid testing processes to support learning and innovation.
  • Reward risk-taking – encourage ideation and experimentation.
  • Integrate practices that make learning from failure and celebrating success the norm.

Innovation Partners' own Christine Whitney Sanchez