Organization & System Design

Organization and System Design

IPI offers an organizational design process that helps organizations convert an ordinary system into a high performing one. Growth strategies, constraints, mergers, and any other shifts in normal operations require reimagining and redesigning. IPI’s rapid prototyping and design sessions help you develop and instill new roles, policies, processes, structures, and systems.

We help you:

  • Conduct a baseline organizational and cultural assessment
  • Envision and develop a new organizational business model, including success metrics
  • Create an Implementation Roadmap
  • Develop an organizational design that is flexible, agile and truly supports people as they work together to achieve shared outcomes

Key differentiators of IPI’s approach to organization design are high-engagement and speed.

Advantages include:

  • Commitment through inclusion: by including more participants in the design process, diverse perspectives are incorporated and commitment is increased.
  • Prioritizing information: the success of a rapid cycle is determined by the quality of information presented. Rapid Prototyping forces participants to pinpoint information most relevant to the obstacle at hand.
  • Organizational agility: Prototyping can serve as a method for rapid redesigning, allowing organizations to quickly change directions in order to respond to emerging factors and changing times.
  • Rapid Prototyping and High Performance: Organizations strive to optimize both their technological and human resources, and the generative design process employed by IPI Change Management Consultants allows you to maximize your potential even in the most volatile of times. Rapid Prototyping abandons a traditional linear process in favor of one that incorporates as many participants as possible in order to create results that are self-sustaining. It is a method that allows an organization to achieve in days, or even hours, what has previously taken months. Rapid Prototyping can be used to aid in the creation of high performance systems from good to exceptional.

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