Christine Whitney Sanchez

Christine Whitney Sanchez, M.C.

Christine Whitney Sanchez has collaborated with leaders across five continents to build the capacity for distributed leadership and strategic collaboration. Early in her career, Christine’s transpersonal counseling and training practice focused on change from the inside out. She built on those skills in her organization and community consultancy to become a pioneer of large-scale transformation.

While coordinating projects for corporate, government, education, faith-based, social profit and community groups, Christine has guided tens of thousands of multi-party stakeholders to resolve thorny issues and generate new opportunities to increase the triple bottom line – people, prosperity and the planet. She has trained change leaders around the globe in strength-based approaches for collaborative impact in their own communities and has facilitated some of the largest intergenerational conversations in the world.

Christine holds a B.A. from the University of Hawaii and a Master of Counseling degree from Arizona State University. Looking for opportunities to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness, she engages in daily life as spiritual practice through yoga, hiking, swimming and photography.

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